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Idea recopilation about a project:

Objective: ---

How: having a page for every politician/company owner in which you can see their:

1) personal timeline (studies, jobs, investments, board memberships)

2) relations: who they are acquainted with (family, politicians, company owners, public servants)

Project principles

  • Aggregate info, not create info: all information comes from public and trusted sources (newspapers, official announcements, public registries).
  • Distributed info gathering: Anyone can contribute, Wikipedia style
  • Only facts: just a recopilation of facts (which can't be discussed)
  • Semantic data from the start?
  • Open data model in order to be flexible and grow organically, at the expense of creating a little caos

Possible structure


  • Person
  • Institution (public body, company?)
  • Event

A person page is made from an aggregation of facts - every fact is an event which consists of

  • date
  • persons involved
  • institutions involved
  • relation

Example/mockup person page/events

  • Person: Santiago Menéndez
    • becomes director of the ONIF on 2013-01-28, named by Cristobal Montoro
    • becomes director of the AEAT on 2013-06-28, named by Cristobal Montoro
    • is son of XXX
    • is brother of XXX

ToDo: in this persons evolution, the story is that Cristobal Montoro, after naming him director of the ONIF (the office which investigates corruption), eliminated the people which had been investigating Gurtel (corruption that affects Cristobal Montoro party), and that after the corruption scandal affecting the Infanta and the AEAT, Cristobal Montoro once again named him this troubled institution. We should try to reflect this kind of things? How?

Data sources

Every event should be referenced with information from public and trusted sources (newspapers, official announcements, public registries), in the fashion of Wikipedia's references, so the system would only be aggregating already public info, not publishing any info for which to be accounted for. In Wikipedia spirit, this would also facilitate that anyone could contribute info to the project as publishing rules would be clearly stated.

Project data relationships

Data in this project would be an extension of information in another sources, namely Wikipedia. ToDo research: see if this would be suitable for WikiData.

Similar projects

ToDo research more similar projects

  • Sunlight Foundation?
  • WikiData about people?

More complex ideas

  • Track money involved in the event, if present (money received/given)