Video Aggregator

De Furilo
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A simple web app which aggregates interesting short and medium sized videos for you to watch in a stream when you want.

User cases:

  • during your normal day browsing you stumble upon interesting video content, but you can't stop to watch that in that moment. You would like to save some items for later, or to automagically have that content aggregated for later.
  • there's nothing on the TV which interests you
  • you would like to do twitter/facebook browsing but at minimun energy: just consuming easy content (that is: video)
  • you want to watch documentaries / YouTube / Vimeo content

User contexts:

  • when you are resting in your sofa at the end of the day, tired, without energy to search for anything nor browse the web, just waiting for interesting content to come to you with no effort. Benchmark: going up and down channels in your TV remote.

Content: how the content would be selected? Two main channels:

  • User selection:
    • User could "save for later" in YouTube/Vimeo/etc and the system would read those videos saved to integrate them in the stream
  • Personalization:
    • Social filtering: aggregation of all the videos shared/liked by your social circles during the day/week

But its not the same as...

  • YouTube/Vimeo "watch later"?

Other "buts"

  • Users


  • Media centers
  • Smart TVs: Internet service apps (Facebook, Twitter) for Smart TVs

References: there are lots of apps with similar intention, but I yet haven't found my dreamt one (only video, just a stream, lean back consuming). Similar ones: