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Disqus with order, reach conclusions faster, take decisions.

A tool to list reasons for or against a given topic. Groups of people meet online to break down the elements of a decision, analysing each of its components, voting and getting a more balanced view of pros and cons. You can algo use it on your own to make up your mind about a decision you have to make.

People can:

  • Main things
    • create a topic to discuss
    • vote (+ or -) to a reason
    • add reasons
    • add references to reasons (comment, link to a news article...)
  • Secondary
    • Invite people to discuss

Use cases

  • [Personal] Reasons to change job
  • [Couple] Reasons to buy a house or rent
  • [Group] Should I/we hire/fire X?

Business Model

  • Freemium
  • Usage-based-trial: keep track of how much a person is using the system (contrary to time-based trial)



Ej. Razones para no votar al PP

Razones para no votar a Esperanza Aguirre

  • Muchos de sus colaboradores cercanos están implicados en casos de corrupción
  • Ganó las elecciones a la Comunidad de Madrid por un escándalo de transfuguismo con muchos vínculos con su propio partido y que nunca se ha aclarado al 100%
  • Tuvo un incidente de tráfico inaceptable en alguien que aspira a ser representante público