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Rails snippets and whatnot...

# simple attribute update
u.update_attribute :roles_mask, 3 
# Update all customers with the given attributes
Customer.update_all wants_email: true

# Update all books with 'Rails' in their title
Book.where('title LIKE ?', '%Rails%').update_all(author: 'David')

# Update all books that match conditions, but limit it to 5 ordered by date 
Book.where('title LIKE ?', '%Rails%').order(:created_at).limit(5).update_all(author: 'David')
# save records (to force validations)
Issue.all.each { |n| n.save }
Reason.find_each { |reason| reason.create_activity :create, owner: reason.user }
Issue.find_each { |i| i.create_activity :create, owner: i.user }