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  • A tool to share anecdotes, comments, stories, photos, videos... about a specific subject by a small and compact group of people.
  • Usually related with a rite of passage
  • It usually will be a private space, trust will be high and participants won't worry about privacy issues


  • Your grandfather is having his 90 birthday. You invite all family to the site and each one shares moments about the grandfather, adding comments, anecdotes, photos... The site is kept private. Then everyone can review this collective memory book, and take it to print.
  • A friend dies. All her friends publish anecdotes, stories, photos... collective memory of the deceased.
  • A coworker retires after working for 35 years at the company.
  • Your favourite radio host celebrates 30 years on the air.
  • Your friends are getting married.
  • You go on a trip with friends
  • You create a timeline of your company's milestones


  • A simple content creating interface. Ability to add short and long texts, quotes, photos and videos
  • A timeline of relevant milestones can be created.
  • All users might be able to comment other's content; and "like" it?
  • Content created is framed by date (of when the said content happened, not the date created); theme?; timeline
  • The site could be private or public; content creation could be open to anyone or closed to approved collaborators
  • Beautiful consumer interface

Name / Brand

  • Provisional/code name: Homenage (homage/home/age)

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