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De Furilo
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A long time ago, while I was in college, some teacher (probably from the Documentation subject) took some time to talk about bibliography cards (slightly different format in spanish). Given my outrageous bad memory. There you would put references to books you read, and interesting quotes, so you could locate them when you need them. Obviously I never started a box full of cards. But having a record of all books you have read is something I would like to have (hey, I got to try it).

This-month's incarnation of the idea is to base it almost exclusively in interesting quotes you read, adding to them some metadata (book, author, when you read it, where you read it...).

  • A super easy/simple interface to save quotes
  • A even simpler interface to read new quotes
  • Not too social
  • Helps you to recover, browse and enjoy saved content (vs. the excessive weight towards content publishing of many tools)
  • You can refer books with # and authors with @ (Github style). And other users?

This is also related with the social network that completely excludes trivial content.

Similarities with the Diario personal